Our Philosophy

Glowing Buddha is a family-owned and operated company who firmly believes that we should all have access to pure, premium cannabis products at a reasonable price, and it should be a delicious and positive experience every time.  Our team of experts have worked for years to bring you products that you can trust and enjoy, perfected through sustainable manufacturing methods, food grade extraction, and a gram of passion. Okay, maybe a whole pound!

Cannabis Infused Gummies

10 pieces x 10 MG THC Each

(Available in 1 piece x 10 MG THC Singles)

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Taste The Glow!

If you’re a fan of gummies you should already know a few things…First of all, THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! They’re soft and chewy, but with a bite. They can be sweet, sour, or even savory! They’re also discreet and easy to dose. 

You can trust that every product you purchase from Glowing Buddha is of the highest quality and produced in compliance with all cannabis and food production standards.

We Hope You Enjoy! 

-The Glowing Buddha Team